2 Front Windows starting @ $70

Cars starting @ $160

SUVs starting @ $225


CARBON™Non-Metal, Non-Fading, Carbon Construction SunTek’s Carbon line provides superior quality & performance with a darkest legal appearance.

  • A proprietary construction that utilizes unique and innovative Carbon technology
  • Non-reflective, “black” finish that will not fade
  • No metal layers that can cause interference with cell phone, radio, or navigation system signals on high-end vehicles
  • Protect Your Skin - Using our film will block 99% of the damaging UV rays
  • Great Look- Make car look amazing and increase car value
  • Avoid Overheating - Keep your car cooler on sunny days
  • Protection - Safety, reduces risks of flying glass in an accident and prevent cracking and fading
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Excellent solar performance, including heat and UV rejection, as
  • well as glare reduction
  • Availability in Neutral, Charcoal, and Bronze shades
  • Blocks 99% or more of harmful UV rays – minimizes UV health risks to skin and eyes and reduces interior fading of furniture, wood floors, rugs and paintings
  • Helps to lower energy costs and provides a more comfortable home or office experience
  • Exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty
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