We offer a range of ceramic coatings by Gtechniq North America. Each package includes the minimal paint prep/decontamination/buffing required by Gtechniq for warranty purposes. If further paint correction or wet sanding is desired, estimates are given on site only.


9YEAR PRO CERAMIC COATING - Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra 

As the best coating on the market, this product will provide you with the highest durability, swirl resistance, UV/chemical protection, and dirt repellency as well as an intense candy-like gloss. For you, this means NO MORE WAXING and unrivaled ease of maintenance! Dirt, bird droppings, environmental fallout, and even water will effortlessly slide right off, leaving your vehicle with an immaculate shine better than the day you bought it! *Includes a 9 year manufacturer's warranty.


5YEAR PRO CERAMIC COATING - Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light 

While not as durable as Crystal Serum Ultra, this product will still provide you with the unmatched performance that has made Gtechniq the industry leader. *Includes a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.



A perfect introduction to ceramics, this coating can be added to any full paint correction or PRO Enthusiast detail, making it our most affordable option. Though affordable, it actually has the highest gloss and hydrophobic properties of all, while still providing excellent dirt repellency, UV/chemical protection, and swirl resistance!



Add our signature PRO GLOSS COAT to a 5 or 9 year coating for the absolute best in gloss and protection!


*Manufacturer's warranty on 5 and 9 year coatings require the vehicle to be washed/inspected by your Gtechniq accredited installer once per year for the duration of the warranty. Pittsburgh Pro Car Care will  provide the first wash/inspection for free!


We also offer a full line of interior protection packages AND exterior trim, glass, and wheel protection packages as well. Please call for more details or to set up further evaluation and appointment! 

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